The Rainbow’s Shadow

Second Edition of The Rainbow’s Shadow Released in iBookstore, Hardback and Paperback. Available online now

The Rainbow’s Shadow: Untold Stories of the Baby Jessica Rescue and the Tragedies that Followed tells the tale of the bold rescue of Jessica McClure from an abandoned water well in a backyard in Midland, Texas in 1987. It took a down on their luck town in the midst of a terrible oil bust to realize the value of life and how joining together in a single effort as a community could bring the world to hold its collective breath. For 58 hours, eyes focused to this small West Texas town where roughnecks and corporate button-down types live as neighbors.

But as the media descended on this town, so too did its brief and fleeting spotlight. The swath it would cut would linger for years, causing havoc for a number of the heroes who emerged in the days following Baby Jessica’s rescue. The untold story of the rescue in tandem with the tragedies that followed and their interconnection flourishes in the pages of this book.

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