Aerial Video

Seeing your facility from a new point-of-view can shed new light on the strength and sophistication of a hospital. This kind of perspective is the perfect B-roll your team needs to piece together online videos or TV spots in your market. Seeing your facility in a new way provides a captivation point for viewers, discouraging audiences from clicking away to another webpage or changing the channel.


Our Team utilizes the latest in drone technology to ensure a high-quality shot while also maintaining focus on surroundings and safety. The ensure stable images, piloting requires smooth and slow movements, so getting the shots correctly takes precision, concentration, and focus.


Our team conducts an initial strategic planning session with your team to understand the variety of shot needs. The session includes an environmental analysis to ensure that our pilots are prepared to fly and shoot video in a way that ensures safety for your campus structures, employees, and customers. We also analyze security concerns and provide tools for your team to communicate in advance with security teams as well as customers to provide adequate notification.

The Lancer Productions team then returns 72 hours later with a proposal outlining shooting times and locations.


The Lancer Productions team arrives on site with a pre-inspection of each shooting area prior to rolling video and spinning the drone aircraft. The pre-inspection takes 15-20 minutes. Securing the location with safety tape or other material to cordon off areas is not necessary unless your team decides to do so in which case, the area should be secured prior to shooting to limit costs and time.


Lancer Productions provides a variety of HD file types depending on need. Native original/ unedited files are provided to your hospital team within 72 hours of the shooting. We also provide edited recommended clips for your team to make a priority. Native files are secured at Lancer Productions through redundant file storage processes for at least five years.



Compilation-SetonKyle_Resolute_OthersREV2 from D. Lance Lunsford on Vimeo.